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Shoah was a film made by Claude Lanzmann and a big team in the 1970s and 1980s. He filmed in Germany, Israel and Poland and eleven other countries.

The subject was the Holocaust from the street level and from command point of view.

Mostly eye witness testimony. Originally 350 hours of testimony and comments. No dubbing of voices, just subtitles. They covered most of the means of mass murder - shooting, gassing with vans, gassing with stationary systems and the Zyklon chambers at Auschwitz.

Camp survivors, bystanders, and SS trash testimony. Scholar Raul Hilberg is interviewed as is Jan Tarski.

It's the small stuff that stands out to me. The subtle shitty remarks about Jews, the apologetic behavior of the Nazis, and the poor Poles who were caught in the middle. A lot of Polish people died in the occupation. So did Soviet people.

The "Criterion Collection" issued the original series in one box.

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