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Stitcher Premium

Post by Turdacious »

Users of the free version of Stitcher can upgrade to a premium version for $36 a year ($3 a month) or through regularly offered discounts (I got it for $25-- $2 a month).

Benefits to the premium version:
-- no Stitcher ads at the beginning and end of podcasts (valuable)
-- access to premium podcasts (valuable if you want to listen to archived versions of popular podcasts like WTF and Gilbert Gottfried, otherwise the selection doesn't add much to the free version)
-- access to audio comedy specials (somewhat valuable-- doesn't include the most popular comedians, has some good stuff but a lot of filler)
-- access to audio dramas (Neverwhere and A Night Called Tomorrow are excellent and recommended; nothing else they have comes close and they aren't putting out much in the way of content)

For heavy podcast listeners, it's probably worth it but not a slam dunk.
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