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The Cured

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Typical zombie move, and by that I mean it tries to make larger points about society, etc., but gives us the same tired pablum. There was a moment at the end where they could have saved it but chose to take the easy way out. But it might still be worth watching if you're dying to watch something because the person who uploaded it got the sound out of synch with the video at times . . .which made it a way better movie. We hear forboding music during a dialog scene, and we hear a conversation while watching people get killed, and this goes on for about 20 minutes, which makes it by far the best section of the movie. Ellen Page was trying to be a Serious Actress and she did okay with the part, except that she didn't have one. There are also way too many scenes that make no sense at all, like the MP trying to take in a zombie by himself when he could have and would have had a whole squad there, and in a shocking twist we all saw coming, yeah, exactly. It might still be worth it if you skip to the out of synch part. More movies should use this device but they won't. It's on YT.