The Fall - streaming on Netflix

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The Fall - streaming on Netflix

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Hot hell this is a fucking good show.

British. Set in Belfast. It has the chick from x-files is in it. I never watched x-files and had no idea she was some hot British chippy. She is a detective and they are looking for a serial killer.

But saying this is about a detective looking for a serial killer is like saying Game of Thrones is about some dwarf and a wedding. There is a ton of shit going on, all of it interesting

Whoever films the show is some master savant. Each shot is tight and perfect. The acting is spot on. Pacing is intense. Riveting. Like you will ignore your kids and pets riveting.

We know from the start who the killer is and the show spends a lot of time humanizing him. Extremely effective.

Fuck Dexter. This is the show to watch.