The Peasant and the Pear

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The Peasant and the Pear

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For any of you NorCal East Bay folks, I and my wife went to a restaurant in Danville over the weekend called "The Peasant and the Pear". It immediately vaulted to one of our favorite restaurants.
They have a thing for pears and many of their dishes featured pears in one way or another and they were all delicious.
I had the Fisherman's Stew for dinner, which was a basically a ciopinno, and it was phenomenal. My wife had the San Ramon pizza which had mozzarella, blue cheese, pears and onions and it was also phenomenal. We also had an appetizer, salads and desserts and my wife had a Pear-Tini. Everything was delicious.
If you live around here, check it out.
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