The Tick

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The Tick

Post by Turdacious »

Amazon series of six 20 minute episodes based on 80's superhero spoof comic. It captures the stupid humor of the original (which you either like or you don't) in a pretty well developed series with surprisingly strong supporting characters. Arthur (the sidekick) is insufferably whiny and annoying the first few episodes, but he gets better and becomes the character that makes the whole thing work. Peter Serafinowicz as The Tick is over the top in an Adam West Batman kind of way.

This series is pretty much the opposite of the Netflix superhero series'-- the whole thing's a two hour investment rather than twelve; it refuses to take itself seriously; and it starts slow and gets better as it progresses. Episodes 1 & 2? Meh. Episodes 5 & 6? I wanted to see more.
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Re: The Tick

Post by Kirk »

Agreed. I've seen all the cartoon episodes, have a book or two, and watched the few episodes with Patrick Warburton (which I was disappointed didn't stay on the air). I'm a fan of stupid humor.

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