Wavestorm Costco Surfboard

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Wavestorm Costco Surfboard

Post by Bram »

For anyone, under maybe 300lbs, who wanted to learn how to surf this is the board I'd recommend.

100$ plus tax, paddles super fast, turns good, you can do many of the same maneuvers you could on a shorter and much more expensive board (new boards tend to run 400$ and up), very stable. Generally people suggest your height plus 3 feet (bigger board equals more stable and faster paddling), but this board is so thick that the speed and stability are there.

Insane that it's so cheap. I bought one so I'd have an extra board for friends who want to visit, but have taken it out and was surprised at how fun it is. It's made of foam so it won't beat you up like a standard hard board. If you buy one I suggest wax and Sex Wax at that. The boards are slippery on their own. Sticky Bumps, the most prolific wax company in my area, rips the surface of the board up.
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